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How can we improve e-commerce and the digital experience of CNC3D





Small team: TfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdaf dafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafda

Systemic complexity: TfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdaf dafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafda

Boundless discovery: TTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdaf dafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdav


Data to actionable Insight: TTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdaf dafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafda

Culture as a Stakeholder: TfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdaf dafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafdaTfdafdafda

Original website

Main Logo yellow.webp

Original Logo 

CNC3D - CNC3D - Current state.jpg

Mapping of website, 618 pages in total. 

CNC3D - Card Sorting.jpg

Due to external constraints, I focused on essential research that could be used to make immediate informed decisions that can be tested iteratively. 

Lean research

Card sorting 

Group 49.png
Group 50.png

User personas

CNC3D - Steve Journey Map.jpg
CNC3D - John Journey Map.jpg

Journey maps tracking experience, expectation and trust

I began with an introspective look at my experience with the service. I interviewed a few typical participants that were a reflection of the 

Qualitative research

Qualitative Interviews / Expert Interview /  Autoethnography / Community reserach

Group 52.png
CNC3D - CNC3D - Content hierarchy.jpg
CNC3D - CNC3D - IA version alpha.jpg
CNC3D - CNC3D - Menu user flows.jpg
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